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moni   Sep 2, 2015

Hey guys! I added a few photos of Janet at her Vancouver show last night! More to come soon! Click here to access the photogallery.




moni   Sep 2, 2015

Janet-fan.com has finally gotten the video of Janet’s new album photo shoot. In this video you can see Janet shine in front of the camera as she always does and pose as the beautiful queen that she is. It’s obvious that the cameras love her as much as we do. Check out the video below as well as the screen shots. You can view both at HERE & HERE

Laura Aug 21, 2015

Hello nation,

As I am sure everyone is well aware of, Our queen Janet has done a photo shoot for her upcoming album which is rumored to be named “Unbreakable”. So below here are a few photos from that photo shoot. See more by visiting the gallery.

Enjoy! She looks so beautiful!


Laura Aug 20, 2015

Hello Janet fans, the time has finally came which I am sure you all know by now, Our girl has finally released the video for No Sleeep. And I must say I am amazed. I love it and i am happy to announce that it is now on janet-fan.com as well as the captures. Make you all go on youtube, Like, share, and comment the video and show Janet some much love. Also, Check out the captures from the video inside the gallery. Preview below. Enjoy!

No Sleep video captures x 248

Laura Jul 24, 2015
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