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Janet-fan.com is ran by three beautiful and talented young ladies. We strive to bring you nothing but the latest and greatest news, photos, and more of Janet Jackson. Below you will get to know the ladies that bring you the daily updates.


10931319_1718525791707049_5222020776536506940_n Name: Laura
Age: 38
Location: Indiana
Occupation: Writer, web host
Email: lauranichelle724@gmail.com
Marital Status: Engaged
Short Bio:
My name is Laura. I am 38, engaged to my best friend whom I have been with for over 18 years, together we have three beautiful teenage children together. I am a writer and web host with plans of publishing my own novel someday. I have been a Janet Jackson fan since I was 9 years old. Janet has always been my favorite singer and I have never once stopped loving her or her music. I made this site to showcase my love for Janet. I use to own janetzone.net as well as only-janet.com and this site is my baby and I will continue to show my love and dedication to our queen Janet.


Name: Moni
-more coming soon-

Name: Kayla

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