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Happy Birthday Janet!

We here at janet-fan.com would love to wish our idol Janet Jackson a very happy birthday! Usually we would do a lavish splash for her day but mom life and school life has taken over. But we did not forget about our amazing Janet Jackson whom we love so much. Today is your day and we pray that your day is filled with love, joy, and happiness. Kiss Eissa for us all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL WE LOVE YOU!!

-The janet-fan.com team and fans

My road to Janet Jackson – Part One

I was around 9 or 10 years old (I am 40 years old now) When I fist heard Janet Jackson. Every since then I have been a faithful fan of her and her music. I have had the pleasure of seeing her twice so when she announced her unbreakable tour I was excited.

But excitement went away when I realized I had no extra money for luxury. So I prayed and I prayed for a way to go. The January show was then postponed. So YES I had a chance. I can save!! The new dates were announced for July 22, 2016. And I knew then I would have enough saved up to get tickets and a miracle.

We came across some money and my husband knew how much I wanted to go so he went to ticket master and purchased four tickets. The excitement was back and I was ready!! Being on a family budget we got tickets on sale. It was ok, we were going, that is all I cared about.

After having the tickets it was then announced she would postpone that show due to pregnancy which is fine, I understood and we kept our tickets locked safe away. Janet is so worth the wait, I’d wait a lifetime if that means I get to see her again.

And in 2017 the new dates were announced and Indianapolis was on the list. November 26!! So it was time, time to see my favorite singer of all time. The woman who music kept me from crying, being depressed, hating life, and hating myself. Her music brought me joy, happiness, and fun. The pleasure of seeing her was amazing. I was so ready. The time is coming I kept saying. November 26, 2017!!